Military Patrol Craft

Keel Marine’s team of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers have been involved in the design and supervision of Military Patrol Craft for numerous clients, predominantly in the Middle and Far East.  Services provided have included:

  • Craft Design
  • Specification & Tender Documents
  • Shipyard Audits
  • Building Supervision

Projects have drawn on our experience of High Speed Craft and previous vessels have ranged in length from 15 m to 35 m.  Vessels have used both Water Jet and Conventional propulsion solutions, been equipped with Fixed Armaments, including remote operated, and deployable Boarding Craft.

Designing Military Patrol Craft requires a clear understanding of the operational role and capability of the vessel in combination with knowledge of High Speed Craft design.  Our experience in the realisation of Military Patrol Craft ensures we are able to work in partnership with our client’s to develop the vessel for their requirements. 

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