Linkspans, Pontoons and Marine Civil Projects

Keel Marine has been involved in the marine aspects of Civil Engineering projects for 50 years. Our experience covers a wide range of activities from the design of marine elements and the flotation of plant, to direct interface with the civil construction.

Extensive knowledge of transport logistics, both Marine and Onshore, has lead to a variety of turn-key solutions for access systems.

Having worked with all the major Civil Engineering Contractors and Consulting Engineers we are experienced in the successful management of the interface between the Civil and Marine disciplines.

Projects have included:

  • Pontoons & Landing Stages
  • Flotation of Cranes and Excavators
  • Transportation of Heavy Plant
  • Floating Installation of Construction Elements
  • Mooring Pontoons
  • Harbours & Jetties
  • Access Brows
  • River & Canal Works
  • Split Pontoons for Narrow Canals
  • Dock & Barrage Gates
  • Floating Docks


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Link Spans, Pontoons and Marine Civil ProjectsLink Spans, Pontoons and Marine Civil Projects
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