Research Vessels

Keel Marine ltd has been heavily involved in the design, project management and building supervision of Research Vessels throughout its history.  We have undertaken projects worldwide including deep involvement with UK National Environmental Research Council (NERC) as well as clients in the Middle and Far East.  Vessels have ranged from 15 m to 100 m in length, for Ocean going as well as Coastal Waters and have provided Fisheries, Environmental, Seismic and Oceanographic scientific research platforms.

Our skills lie in the detailed knowledge of Research Vessel requirements combined with our in depth project management experience, which leads to the successful delivery of these highly specialised vessels.

Each Research Vessel is bespoke, both for the marine environment within which it will operate and the scientific role it will undertake, and this combined with the long time periods between replacements mean that the success of any project depends on the involvement of knowledgeable and experienced individuals. 

Since 1988 Keel Marine Ltd has collaborated with Robin A. Williams & Co on a number of major Research Vessels, including the refit of RRS Discovery and the building of the RRS James Cook.

Keel Marine Ltd provides the knowledge, experience and support to ensure delivery of your unique Research Vessel on time, within budget and capable for role.

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